Zeiss Surface Finish and Geometry Equipment


Surface Finish and Contour Equipment

Handy Surf

Handy Surf

  • Entry level skid system
  • Very affordable
  • Discrete control over stroke length and cutoff unlike others in this class
Surfcom 130

Surfcom 130

  • Entry level skidless system
  • Best in its class
  • Touchscreen control unit with integrated printer
  • Evaluate all roughness values as per the standards: Ra, Rz, Rt, Rsm, etc.
  • All waviness parameters
  • Various filters, profile

Surfcom NEX

  • One system, every possibility: surface, contour or both?
  • Future-proof modular system, can be upgraded on site
  • Considerably faster, less maintenance and fewer vibrations than standard system designs thanks to the patented non-contact linear drive in the X axis
  • Topography measurements up to seven times faster than systems with a spindle drive
  • Can be used with numerous sensors: surface, contour, hybrid or white light sensors
  • Many drive lengths and height

Roundness Equipment

Roundcom Touch

Roundcom Touch

  • Affordable Entry Level Roundness machine
  • A highly-compact form tester
  • Lightweight and Moveable
  • Can be used with a PC or Touchscreen Tablet
  • Bluetooth Connection
Roundcom 31& 41

Roundcom 31& 41

  • Roundness for larger parts.
  • Manual tilt and Center
  • Highly Accurate
  • The 41 model offers the added feature of Cylindricity
Roundcom NEX

Roundcom NEX

  • Greatest accuracy in its class
  • Highly-accurate, wear-free rotary table on air bearings. Accuracy: 20 nanometers
  • Auto Tilt and Center with a large deflection range.
  • Pre-centering is not necessary for serial measurements
  • Many different models and features

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