ZEISS CMM Probing Systems

THE leader in CMM probing for the CMM industry.

ZEISS has been providing scanning technology on their CMM’s since 1972.

Vast Probing System

VAST Probing System

  • Most accurate probing system
  • Can reach 24” without losing ANY accuracy
  • Fixed head
  • Can scan a bore taking 500 points faster than taking 8 single points.
  • When used with a probe rack, any angle and any rotation can be reached
  • Probe Styli do not need to be re-qualified everyday, thus saving you time and money.
RDS Probing System

RDS Probing System

  • Rotates +/- 180 Degrees in both axis
  • Increments every 2.5 degrees
  • Over 21,000 positions
  • Very versatile with capability of many different sensors. See below.
RDS Vi-Scan
RDS Vi-Scan

RDS Vi-Scan

  • Camera System for RDS Head
  • Turn your CMM into a vision system
  • Articulate the camera around your entire part.
  • Edge detection for automatic probing
  • Can be automatically be used in the middle of a program.
RDS Line Scan

RDS Line Scan

  • Laser system for gathering 1000’s of surface data points
  • Used to compare surfaces to CAD model
  • Great for Reverse Engineering
  • Full Articulation
  • Can be automatically be used in the middle of a program.
DOT Scan

DOT Scan

  • The latest technology from ZEISS
  • Chromatic white light sensor
  • Used for gather thousands of surface data points
  • Excellent for sensitive, soft, reflective or low-contrast surfaces.
  • Possible to distinguish transparent lacquered surfaces from other underlying metallic layers.
  • No need to spray a medium on highly reflective parts.

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ZEISS CMM Probing Systems Catalog

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